Innovative Kitchen Trends for 2022

Here at A Class Kitchens we are able to offer you a wide range of bespoke ideas and unique add-ons to your new kitchen. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you want in your kitchen and everything can be tailor made and expertly fitted to your desire! We’ve listed some of our most popular innovative kitchen ideas below to give you some inspiration…


Built in cutting boards

These are great if you’re looking for a sleek, modern look and want everything in your new kitchen to blend seamlessly. These can be fitted inside or on top of drawers, on top of the island or even on top of the sink! We can also fit a waste bin directly below the cutting board so that any chopping is easy and mess free.  For a more traditional look, we love the elegance of our chopping boards that are built in to a traditional shaker kitchen. These oak chopping boards add a contrast of warm oak to an island or run of cabinets. Take a look at our traditional kitchen styles HERE.


Built in wine wall

Who wouldn’t want a wall full of wine in their kitchen?! These are the epitome of luxury and becoming increasing popular in designer kitchens. Wine walls can be built and designed exactly to your specifications to fit your kitchen perfectly. These units can also be temperature controlled for full functionality. It’s not all about looks! Wine walls can also have a various lighting options, to provide a subtle evening background lighting, or lighting perfect for a kitchen party.


Pullout drawers

Simple but effective, adding different types of pullout drawers to your new kitchen can completely transform a space. Want a rounded kitchen island? No problem. These drawers create more space in your kitchen for storage meaning less clutter and more style, maximising untapped space and preventing any doors bashing together when being opened. Internal pullouts are a great way of optimising your kitchen space and giving you access to the hard to reach parts of the kitchen. There are lots of options available which include: