Kitchen cupboard design and colour trends, like anything, will change over time. Styles and colours come into fashion, go out of fashion and then make a guest appearances years down the line! This could be because of celebrity influence, influencer influence or brand names succeeding in their latest ad campaigns. Whatever the reason, everyone likes to have an up-to-date designer kitchen to enjoy with the family and friends.

Let’s take a look at some trending kitchen design colours in 2022 with examples so that you can make an informed decision when choosing your next kitchen cupboard colours!


White kitchen cupboards (or cream) will give your kitchen an atmosphere of cleanliness and space. Regardless of kitchen design, white cupboards will lend themselves perfectly to modern, contemporary or classic kitchens which would benefit from a light, airy feel. If you want a kitchen design that is fit for purpose as a backdrop to green plants and interesting or colourful kitchen gadgets then white cupboard doors are the choice for you.

As a side note, a white kitchen is a good choice if you are planning on selling your home too. The ‘blank canvass’ approach will be appealing to potential buyers.


Grey has been a trending colour for a while now and is showing no signs of letting up. With celebrity influencers like Mrs Hinch advocating grey tones, it is little surprise that grey kitchen cupboards have seen a rise in popularity lately.

Grey shades are used in all aspects of kitchens from flooring to cupboards to walls. From our experience we are seeing more dark shades of grey appearing more frequently to give a modern, luxurious feel to kitchens. Shades of beige are also being added to greys which has resulted in the term greige being used.

Grey kitchen cupboards are, of course, a neutral colour and work very well to offset a white kitchen or natural wooden tones.


From baby blue to deeper, richer tones: blue kitchen cupboard or cabinet doors are seeing an increase in popularity. Vivid colours (as well as some pastel shades) are being used as feature colours for kitchen island cupboards or a selection of kitchen cupboard doors (along just one wall for example) giving a brighter focal point to a kitchen that is otherwise designed in neutral colours like white or grey.

As a richer colour than its neutral counterparts, blue works very well in both matt or high gloss and is adaptable for most styles of kitchens.


Pink has been a popular colour for many years. Whilst it may be an acquired taste for some, when someone has an affinity to pink, they can use it anywhere! From bold, high gloss pink kitchen cupboard to powdery pastel shades: pink kitchen cupboards are a great option to offset other kitchen theme colours and create feature areas with a strong focus.

Pink, in its many shades, is one of the fastest trending colours of kitchen cupboards in 2022


Natural tones are all the rage at the moment: green, brown, blue: any colour that you might find in nature can be combines for earthiness, vibrancy, brightness or whatever theme is desired.

A deeper or darker green can be beautifully combined with natural or walnut for a traditional feel. Lighter greens can be coupled with pastel blue for a country kitchen approach. Vivid bright greens can look amazing as high gloss kitchen cupboards offset against black, white or grey. Whatever theme is chosen, green is set to become a popular choice for spring and summer of 2022.


Whilst there are clear favourites for trending kitchen cupboard colours, there are other factors which will also be considered when making this important choice:

  • If the home being decorated is not being lived in but rather being sold on or rented, more neutral colours will be a better choice
  • The personality of the client will play a big role in the colour and style of the kitchen and kitchen cupboard colours
  • …and of course, there will always be those who follow celebrities and designers who want to emulate their idols.

A Class Kitchens work with a variety of suppliers in order to offer a range of styles, colours and finishes so that whatever the kitchen design requirement, we can accommodate. If you would like to speak with us about your next kitchen project, then head over to our contact page HERE or call us on 01234 589136


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kitchen lighting ideas

Transform your space with these kitchen lighting ideas

kitchen island lighting You’ve settled on a style, chosen your tiling and flooring, and your new kitchen is ready to be installed. But before it is, it’s worth spending some time thinking about kitchen lighting and how you can best light up your new space. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home; kitchens are entertaining spaces, so it’s important you get your lighting just right.

At A Class Kitchens, we understand good kitchen lighting can transform your space and put the spotlight on key areas. Below, we’ve rounded up some modern kitchen lighting ideas to help.

Understand the purpose

Not every nook and cranny of your kitchen needs to be brightly illuminated. When planning lighting for kitchens, it’s important to decide where and how you want areas to be lit. Task lighting, for example, should be bright – they’re hung in ‘working areas’ where you prepare, wash, and cook your food.

Mood lighting, on the other hand, can add drama to your kitchen design and give off the right ambience. Feature lighting should also be considered. Those big, bold fittings that make a statement, differentiate spaces, and add a new dimension to your cooking and dining areas.

Play around with different sources and consider using bulbs that can be dimmed. You can set the right lighting to suit your mood, every day.

Highlight areas with unique lighting

kitchen lighting ideasNo two kitchens are the same – and the way you use lighting in yours might be very different to someone else. If you’ve got an alcove, for example, you might want to light it up with a bright spotlight to show off your cookbooks or wine rack or keep a more functional space like an open pantry or coat rack low-lit to keep eyes on other parts of the room. Lighting can also be used to create dedicated areas for particular functions, like a cocktail station or breakfast bar. Play around with different ideas, and use a lamp to get a feel for how lighting changes an area of your room before you invest in bulbs and fittings. Trial and error is often required.

Think about shapes

When you’re sourcing kitchen LED lights, think about shapes.

Not every light you buy has to be from the same manufacturer and look exactly the same, but choosing fittings that have similar shapes and thicknesses to the rest of your kitchen design can give your space a sophisticated, well-rounded look.

Consider wall lighting

Although most people put their focus on finding kitchen ceiling lighting ideas, it’s also worth thinking about how you can use wall lighting to change the look and feel of your kitchen.

Wall lighting can serve as an alternative to ceiling lights and can add visual interest to empty walls. Set wall lights on separate circuits and you can layer wall lighting with overhead lights for different times of the day. Wall lights are ideal for evenings if you want something soft to add ambience. Consider dimmable bulbs and set them up with Alexa or Google Home.

Kitchen lights under cabinets

Kitchen lights under cabinets have become more and more popular in recent years, and it’s clear to see why. Not only do they highlight your backslashes and countertops, but they’re super practical. They allowing you to use virtually every corner of your kitchen to chop, prepare, and cook, even if you choose low lighting in other parts of your kitchen.

If under-cabinet lights aren’t for you but you still want the convenience of a well-lit worktop, there are options. You could think about installing wall lights on swing arms that can be angled to suit your cooking style.

Kitchen island lighting ideas

kitchen island lightingGood kitchen island lighting can help make your island the ‘hub’ of the kitchen, which makes sense if it’s the space where you entertain and cook. You’ll find lots of kitchen island lighting ideas on Pinterest, from simple pendants and spotlights to vintage lighting and bold, modern pieces. Dimmable bulbs will help make your island warm and welcoming for dinner. They create a relaxing space to catch up over a glass of wine once the kids go to bed.

Save energy

Now more than ever, it’s important to think about the environment (and your energy bills) when choosing the right kitchen lights for your home.

We recommend incorporating LEDs into your kitchen at different levels to flood your kitchen with light, without breaking the bank. LED bulbs are energy-efficient and last around 50,000 hours.

If you don’t want a kitchen that’s too bright or clinical, look for warm colour options or even changeable bulbs that can be used to set the right mood. Some people enjoy colour-changing lights and they can have a dramatic effect on your kitchen. Turn them blue over winter and orange at Halloween!

Add a ‘showstopper piece’

Finally, don’t be afraid to try something different. Add a ‘showstopper piece’ that really catches people’s attention when they walk into your kitchen. It could be a large chandelier hung over your dining table, or an artsy lighting piece that sits above a kitchen island.

Shop around and keep your eyes peeled for something that reflects your personality and style. Don’t be afraid to wait until your new kitchen is completed before you commit to a piece. Quality lighting can be expensive so it’s worth taking your time.

At A Class Kitchens, we’re passionate about helping customers create the kitchen of their dreams. Get in touch and we’ll help you design a quality, luxury kitchen that’s tailored to your exacting taste and budget. We provide friendly customer service and project managed installation along the way. Give us a call on 01234 589136 today or click here to drop us a message.


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