If you look back at kitchens over the years, you’ll see how massively they’ve changed. Kitchens used to be just functional, practical, even cold spaces. They were the housewife’s domain, where she’d be busy preparing meals.

Once upon a time, the kitchen was a space where we created food using rationed goods. It was a place to make things stretch, not to get creative. OK, so we’re talking about a time quite alien to us these days. We learnt about it at school, but most of us never lived through it. However, it’s interesting to remember this period when we think about modern kitchens today and how this one space in our house has evolved.

Thankfully, times have changed, and so has the way we use our kitchens. For modern kitchen design inspiration, please look at our recently installed kitchens.

A Space for the Family

No longer considered the domain of the ‘woman of the house’, the kitchen is a space for the entire family. In modern kitchens, the ethos is very much on creating a space for the whole family to congregate, focusing on comfort and practicality.

In a working family with children at school, the kitchen is multifunctional, a place to catch up and help with homework whilst simultaneously preparing a meal. Therefore, at A Class Kitchens, we have a strong focus on luxury modern kitchen design. The room where we spend most of our time deserves a lot of thought and attention to detail.

To be together in one space, demands a seating area. If there isn’t room for a separate table or booth, then modern kitchens with islands that have integrated seating are a fabulous alternative.

The image above is the perfect example of a modern kitchen island that does it all! Fitted with an induction hob for cooking, a space for preparing meals, shelving for storage, and a seating area, it’s everything you need and more.

If having limited space makes designing a modern kitchen a headache, contact A Class Kitchens today. We’ll help you see your kitchen with fresh eyes and show you how to incorporate modern kitchen design ideas to get the most from your room.

A Space to Socialise

Once again, taking you back in time, the living room and dining room would have been the space where you’d greet and entertain guests. The kitchen was the room at the back of the house, hidden away and one stop from the outside toilet.

Again, not something most of us have had to live through, but it is another example of how the modern kitchen has evolved.

Now a space you want to show off and let others appreciate, the kitchen is the room in which you play host to your visitors. In new builds, the modern kitchen functions not only as a place to prepare food but also where you eat it. If there’s space, it’s also where you then go to relax with the family or entertain your friends.

The modern kitchen is three rooms in one, and as such, you need to think about practicality and making the most of the space available.

We love the versatility of modern kitchen cabinets. They look fantastic, save space, and give you precisely what you need. Just look at the built-in wine rack and cooler in the image above. It takes up hardly any space and stores five bottles in the external wine rack whilst incorporating a slim, refrigerated unit for drinks best served chilled.

How perfect is this when hosting a party in your modern kitchen or at Christmas when you have a fridge full of food?

Modern kitchen lighting options are another way to help make your kitchen a multifunctional space. By using spotlights in the more practical, preparation areas, and low hanging lights in your dining area, you can mix up the lighting. Dim the spotlights and let the over-table hanging lights shine to create an intimate dining experience.

Another modern kitchen lighting feature we love to install is unit, wall, floor, and ceiling mounted LED lights. Remote controlled, you can change the colour to create a serene, calming room or an exciting place to party.

A Space to Work

Another way the modern kitchen has evolved is that it has now, for many, become a place in which we work. The covid lockdown forced us to not only work from home but educate our children from home as well. Since not every home offers a separate space to dedicate to an office, the kitchen has had to step up and offer even more.

Not just a temporary ‘fix’, employers have had the chance to see that remote and hybrid working can be just as effective as office-based, and as such, there’s an increase in the numbers of people choosing to work from home.

When your kitchen also doubles as an office, having a good place to sit is necessary. Ideally, we all know that a large table and supportive chair are best for our posture, but it’s not always something afforded by the available space.

Modern kitchens with islands can be a perfect solution, especially if you’ve planned and factored in using the space as an office. Whether you opt for integrated seating or bar stools, kitchen islands can make a great space to work, offering a large flat surface for all your gadgets.

With gadgets comes the need for plugs, and this motorised pop-up power point by MP Solutions is just one of the designs available on the market.

With multiple plug sockets, pop up power points are a must for the modern kitchen. For those working from home, they will power all your equipment without the need to fetch extension cables to be able to reach the nearest wall socket. Then, when not needed, they sink down into the unit, out of sight and not taking up space.

They’re also great for those that love a modern kitchen gadget, that special bit of equipment that doesn’t need its own place on the worktop but uses up a power point when it does make an appearance.

Let’s Get Creating Your Modern Kitchen for 2022 and Beyond

We hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane with us. Being lovers of all things kitchen, we enjoy seeing how this humble room has evolved over the years. How changes in the home, society, and life, in general, have shaped how we use this one room in our house for almost anything and everything.

Call A Class Kitchens today, and we’ll create a modern kitchen that works just as hard as you do.


Kitchen cupboard design and colour trends, like anything, will change over time. Styles and colours come into fashion, go out of fashion and then make a guest appearances years down the line! This could be because of celebrity influence, influencer influence or brand names succeeding in their latest ad campaigns. Whatever the reason, everyone likes to have an up-to-date designer kitchen to enjoy with the family and friends.

Let’s take a look at some trending kitchen design colours in 2022 with examples so that you can make an informed decision when choosing your next kitchen cupboard colours!


White kitchen cupboards (or cream) will give your kitchen an atmosphere of cleanliness and space. Regardless of kitchen design, white cupboards will lend themselves perfectly to modern, contemporary or classic kitchens which would benefit from a light, airy feel. If you want a kitchen design that is fit for purpose as a backdrop to green plants and interesting or colourful kitchen gadgets then white cupboard doors are the choice for you.

As a side note, a white kitchen is a good choice if you are planning on selling your home too. The ‘blank canvass’ approach will be appealing to potential buyers.


Grey has been a trending colour for a while now and is showing no signs of letting up. With celebrity influencers like Mrs Hinch advocating grey tones, it is little surprise that grey kitchen cupboards have seen a rise in popularity lately.

Grey shades are used in all aspects of kitchens from flooring to cupboards to walls. From our experience we are seeing more dark shades of grey appearing more frequently to give a modern, luxurious feel to kitchens. Shades of beige are also being added to greys which has resulted in the term greige being used.

Grey kitchen cupboards are, of course, a neutral colour and work very well to offset a white kitchen or natural wooden tones.


From baby blue to deeper, richer tones: blue kitchen cupboard or cabinet doors are seeing an increase in popularity. Vivid colours (as well as some pastel shades) are being used as feature colours for kitchen island cupboards or a selection of kitchen cupboard doors (along just one wall for example) giving a brighter focal point to a kitchen that is otherwise designed in neutral colours like white or grey.

As a richer colour than its neutral counterparts, blue works very well in both matt or high gloss and is adaptable for most styles of kitchens.


Pink has been a popular colour for many years. Whilst it may be an acquired taste for some, when someone has an affinity to pink, they can use it anywhere! From bold, high gloss pink kitchen cupboard to powdery pastel shades: pink kitchen cupboards are a great option to offset other kitchen theme colours and create feature areas with a strong focus.

Pink, in its many shades, is one of the fastest trending colours of kitchen cupboards in 2022


Natural tones are all the rage at the moment: green, brown, blue: any colour that you might find in nature can be combines for earthiness, vibrancy, brightness or whatever theme is desired.

A deeper or darker green can be beautifully combined with natural or walnut for a traditional feel. Lighter greens can be coupled with pastel blue for a country kitchen approach. Vivid bright greens can look amazing as high gloss kitchen cupboards offset against black, white or grey. Whatever theme is chosen, green is set to become a popular choice for spring and summer of 2022.


Whilst there are clear favourites for trending kitchen cupboard colours, there are other factors which will also be considered when making this important choice:

  • If the home being decorated is not being lived in but rather being sold on or rented, more neutral colours will be a better choice
  • The personality of the client will play a big role in the colour and style of the kitchen and kitchen cupboard colours
  • …and of course, there will always be those who follow celebrities and designers who want to emulate their idols.

A Class Kitchens work with a variety of suppliers in order to offer a range of styles, colours and finishes so that whatever the kitchen design requirement, we can accommodate. If you would like to speak with us about your next kitchen project, then head over to our contact page HERE or call us on 01234 589136


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Local kitchen design company

When it comes to kitchen design and fitting, A Class Kitchens have been at the forefront of the industry since 2013 when the company was formed. As a family owned and run business, there are decades worth of expertise and experience that have made A Class Kitchens a trusted and respectable company in the world of bespoke kitchen design and kitchen fitting.

The true measure of how good a company is can be found in what the customers say about their experiences. At the time of writing, A Class Kitchens has a 5 out of 5 average on Facebook and Google – that is a 100% positive experience score. With this in mind, we are going to let some of our customers speak for us so that if you are searching for a local kitchen designer and were in any doubt as to whether to choose A Class Kitchens for your new kitchen design, then you won’t be soon (any spelling errors are left for authenticity):


Would highly recommend A class kitchens. We looked at numerous high street options for our kitchen but decided to go with Jon and his team as they were local. We couldn’t have been happier with our choice. Jon and Jemma were very friendly and always on hand to answer questions and offer advice. Extremely pleased with the final design and fitting. Have had many compliments.

Matt Lane – Google


Forget all the ‘high st’ kitchen suppliers. This company treats all it’s employees like family and all their customers with the utmost respect. We could not have asked for a better service and were astounded by their professionalism and attention to detail down to last screw. We would not hesitate to recommend A Class kitchens to friends, family or strangers! You could not find a better company!

Sharon Worsley – Google


Highly recommended! From initial contact Jon, Gemma and Pippa have been fantastic. I have my dream kitchen – thank you so much !

Denise Farrow – Google


If you want a kitchen company that listens and cares about what you want. Look no further. I have seen several on really close inspection and have to say that you can see a lot of time and effort have gone into every crook and cranny. They deliver only excellent results.

Julie Devine – Google 


Contact A Class Kitchens



Absolutely superb company to deal with. We tried several big brand names, and the costs were either highly elevated, the quality wasn’t there, or the service was off.

We dealt with Jonathan, and he spent a lot of time getting the design done right remotely for a very small awkward area.

Delivery was fast and the units are pre assembled with solid tips. Everything is soft close, and the doors are painted not laminated so they can be recoloured or repaired easily later on.

We had an inspection on delivery to ensure everything was bang on by A Class.

And a little bit of support for some last minute changes we had to make with the kitchen delivered.

It’s not finished yet, but over the moon we went with a less “mainstream” company and got it for less, and of higher quality.

Craig Jones – Facebook


I can highly recommend Jon and Jemma of A-Class kitchens. We contacted Jon to ask for help with extending our kitchen island. The service throughout was first class and we are absolutely thrilled with the end product. For anyone who is in the market for a new kitchen or making some alterations you should definitely give A-Class a call. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks again Jon & Jemma

Matt Carnall – Facebook


Fantastic local business who offer unparalleled value and customer service. Highly professional but with a personal touch other firms are unable to match. Highly recommended!

Marc Cheetham – Facebook


I don’t know where to start, A Class Kitchens of Bedford have been absolutely amazing to us. From the very start of the project to the very end, they are a very hard working team, and nothing is too much trouble for them, I was very anxious during this time as I have two little boys, but Jemma was always on the end of the phone if I had any questions.

Jon helped us with the design, he never once pressured us to buy anything and it was just such a pleasant experience from start to finish.

The kitchen fitter was such a lovely guy, very hardworking, punctual, professional.

We chose the solid ash shaker style units and they are absolutely stunning.

100% I would recommend this company.

I’m so glad I found them.

Kylie Wilson – Facebook


Would highly recommend A class kitchens. We looked at numerous high street options for our kitchen but decided to go with Jon and his team as they were local. We couldn’t have been happier with our choice. Jon and Jemma were very friendly and always on hand to answer questions and offer advice. Extremely pleased with the final design and fitting. Have had many compliments. Thank you!

Kirstie Lane – Facebook


We chose this Company to fit our kitchen and we are so pleased with it, the quality of the kitchen itself and the after sales service is excellent, and it is a family run business, so they really went that extra mile to ensure we had our dream kitchen, thank-you John and Jemma, we will always recommend you to others…

Sarah Leah – Facebook


Absolutely brilliant. Recommend all you men to use them. New kitchen is my wife’s, according to her, not allowed to do much. First class service, nothing too much trouble even with lots of little bespoke bits. Ask Jon to arrange to see the finished kitchen. Well done the team and many thanks.

Graham Bonnet

If you would like to speak with us about your kitchen design project then head over to our contact page HERE or call us on 01234 589136.


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kitchen lighting ideas

Transform your space with these kitchen lighting ideas

kitchen island lighting You’ve settled on a style, chosen your tiling and flooring, and your new kitchen is ready to be installed. But before it is, it’s worth spending some time thinking about kitchen lighting and how you can best light up your new space. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home; kitchens are entertaining spaces, so it’s important you get your lighting just right.

At A Class Kitchens, we understand good kitchen lighting can transform your space and put the spotlight on key areas. Below, we’ve rounded up some modern kitchen lighting ideas to help.

Understand the purpose

Not every nook and cranny of your kitchen needs to be brightly illuminated. When planning lighting for kitchens, it’s important to decide where and how you want areas to be lit. Task lighting, for example, should be bright – they’re hung in ‘working areas’ where you prepare, wash, and cook your food.

Mood lighting, on the other hand, can add drama to your kitchen design and give off the right ambience. Feature lighting should also be considered. Those big, bold fittings that make a statement, differentiate spaces, and add a new dimension to your cooking and dining areas.

Play around with different sources and consider using bulbs that can be dimmed. You can set the right lighting to suit your mood, every day.

Highlight areas with unique lighting

kitchen lighting ideasNo two kitchens are the same – and the way you use lighting in yours might be very different to someone else. If you’ve got an alcove, for example, you might want to light it up with a bright spotlight to show off your cookbooks or wine rack or keep a more functional space like an open pantry or coat rack low-lit to keep eyes on other parts of the room. Lighting can also be used to create dedicated areas for particular functions, like a cocktail station or breakfast bar. Play around with different ideas, and use a lamp to get a feel for how lighting changes an area of your room before you invest in bulbs and fittings. Trial and error is often required.

Think about shapes

When you’re sourcing kitchen LED lights, think about shapes.

Not every light you buy has to be from the same manufacturer and look exactly the same, but choosing fittings that have similar shapes and thicknesses to the rest of your kitchen design can give your space a sophisticated, well-rounded look.

Consider wall lighting

Although most people put their focus on finding kitchen ceiling lighting ideas, it’s also worth thinking about how you can use wall lighting to change the look and feel of your kitchen.

Wall lighting can serve as an alternative to ceiling lights and can add visual interest to empty walls. Set wall lights on separate circuits and you can layer wall lighting with overhead lights for different times of the day. Wall lights are ideal for evenings if you want something soft to add ambience. Consider dimmable bulbs and set them up with Alexa or Google Home.

Kitchen lights under cabinets

Kitchen lights under cabinets have become more and more popular in recent years, and it’s clear to see why. Not only do they highlight your backslashes and countertops, but they’re super practical. They allowing you to use virtually every corner of your kitchen to chop, prepare, and cook, even if you choose low lighting in other parts of your kitchen.

If under-cabinet lights aren’t for you but you still want the convenience of a well-lit worktop, there are options. You could think about installing wall lights on swing arms that can be angled to suit your cooking style.

Kitchen island lighting ideas

kitchen island lightingGood kitchen island lighting can help make your island the ‘hub’ of the kitchen, which makes sense if it’s the space where you entertain and cook. You’ll find lots of kitchen island lighting ideas on Pinterest, from simple pendants and spotlights to vintage lighting and bold, modern pieces. Dimmable bulbs will help make your island warm and welcoming for dinner. They create a relaxing space to catch up over a glass of wine once the kids go to bed.

Save energy

Now more than ever, it’s important to think about the environment (and your energy bills) when choosing the right kitchen lights for your home.

We recommend incorporating LEDs into your kitchen at different levels to flood your kitchen with light, without breaking the bank. LED bulbs are energy-efficient and last around 50,000 hours.

If you don’t want a kitchen that’s too bright or clinical, look for warm colour options or even changeable bulbs that can be used to set the right mood. Some people enjoy colour-changing lights and they can have a dramatic effect on your kitchen. Turn them blue over winter and orange at Halloween!

Add a ‘showstopper piece’

Finally, don’t be afraid to try something different. Add a ‘showstopper piece’ that really catches people’s attention when they walk into your kitchen. It could be a large chandelier hung over your dining table, or an artsy lighting piece that sits above a kitchen island.

Shop around and keep your eyes peeled for something that reflects your personality and style. Don’t be afraid to wait until your new kitchen is completed before you commit to a piece. Quality lighting can be expensive so it’s worth taking your time.

At A Class Kitchens, we’re passionate about helping customers create the kitchen of their dreams. Get in touch and we’ll help you design a quality, luxury kitchen that’s tailored to your exacting taste and budget. We provide friendly customer service and project managed installation along the way. Give us a call on 01234 589136 today or click here to drop us a message.


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Innovative Kitchen Trends for 2022

Here at A Class Kitchens we are able to offer you a wide range of bespoke ideas and unique add-ons to your new kitchen. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you want in your kitchen and everything can be tailor made and expertly fitted to your desire! We’ve listed some of our most popular innovative kitchen ideas below to give you some inspiration…


Built in cutting boards

These are great if you’re looking for a sleek, modern look and want everything in your new kitchen to blend seamlessly. These can be fitted inside or on top of drawers, on top of the island or even on top of the sink! We can also fit a waste bin directly below the cutting board so that any chopping is easy and mess free.  For a more traditional look, we love the elegance of our chopping boards that are built in to a traditional shaker kitchen. These oak chopping boards add a contrast of warm oak to an island or run of cabinets. Take a look at our traditional kitchen styles HERE.


Built in wine wall

Who wouldn’t want a wall full of wine in their kitchen?! These are the epitome of luxury and becoming increasing popular in designer kitchens. Wine walls can be built and designed exactly to your specifications to fit your kitchen perfectly. These units can also be temperature controlled for full functionality. It’s not all about looks! Wine walls can also have a various lighting options, to provide a subtle evening background lighting, or lighting perfect for a kitchen party.


Pullout drawers

Simple but effective, adding different types of pullout drawers to your new kitchen can completely transform a space. Want a rounded kitchen island? No problem. These drawers create more space in your kitchen for storage meaning less clutter and more style, maximising untapped space and preventing any doors bashing together when being opened. Internal pullouts are a great way of optimising your kitchen space and giving you access to the hard to reach parts of the kitchen. There are lots of options available which include: